15 Churches Haunted by Not So Holy Spirits

posted: 01/04/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
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    When you think of churches you tend to think of holiness, right? And goodness? And angels? Well, think again. Many churches are home to the holy spirit — and the not so holy one — at the same time.

    So which churches are the most haunted of all? Here are fifteen for your consideration.

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    Christ Episcopal Church


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    This church in Poughkeepsie is close to 250 years old. Various entities have been spotted, including one of a “jovial old man” and another of an elderly female parishioner.

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    St. Paul's Chapel


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    St. Paul’s Chapel in New York City is one of the most famous churches in the world. It is also home to a headless actor who searches the cemetery, looking for his head, night after night. Is it real? Who knows. But it’s pretty darn scary.

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    St. Mary’s-in-Tuxedo


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    Located in Tuxedo, NY, this home has been the site of ghost appearances since the 1940’s. Witnesses say he looks like a clergy person, though specifics seem to be scarce. Either way, it’s probably not a place you want to spend the night.

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    St. Stephens

    Located in Mullica Hill, NJ, there are allegedly mysterious lights that come on in the church’s second story. No one knows the origin, but people say they are restless souls. Allegedly, if you take a photo, you might see an orb.

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    Aquia Episcopal Church

    Located in Stafford, VA in the times before the Civil War, the church is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a soldier killed during that time. Allegedly the church tower was home to a murder and the young woman victim still haunts it. At night, visitors claim there are strange lights and bizarre sounds.

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    Most Holy Trinity Church

    This church is one of the most haunted spots in all of New York City. Built on the grounds of a cemetery, it is said to have many spirits, including the ghosts of a pastor and bell ringer who were murdered in the building. Lights going on and off with no cause. Ghostly voices fill the halls and there is a bloody hand print from the dead bell ringer. Freaky!

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    The Church Of St. Mary The Virgin


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    Located in Clophill, United Kingdom, this church is mostly in ruins, but the Church of St. Mary The Virgin was known for having body snatchers rob the graves from the churchyard next door. It was also a site of much black magic and devil-worshipping. Or so the locals say. Either way, it’s not worth tempting.

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    St. Paul's Episcopal Church


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    This church in Key West Florida may be located in paradise, but the story is scary. A woman, seen in older clothing wanders the graveyard. Others say a sea captain and the ghosts of several children are there as well. Photographs at the site show orbs, especially at night.

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    Egg Hill Church


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    Legend has it that this church in Centre County, Pennsylvania was the home of a horrific murder in which a pastor killed his entire congregation, children included. The grounds of the castle are said to still be haunted by the desperate adults and the devastated children.

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    Chapel of the Cross


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    This church in Madison, MS is haunted by two ghosts. Theories abound, but some say one is the spirit of a governess who burned to death in a house fire, and the other ghost is a young woman whose fiancee was killed in a duel.

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    St. John's Lafayette Square


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    Located in Washington DC, this infamous church is known as "The Church of the Presidents.” Many say that when the bell tolls for the death of someone famous, six ghosts appear in the  president's pew at midnight before disappearing again.

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    Grace Episcopal Church


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    This church in Alexandria, VA is home to a ghostly man who appears near the church library. Others report loud footsteps in the third floor hallway late at night, after the building is locked. The noises have been investigated, but no explanation has yet been found.

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    St. George's Episcopal Church


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    Located in Fredericksburg, VA, this church has a ghostly woman in white who haunts it. Some even claim to have photos.

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    St. Nicholas Church

    The ghost of Red Lady Derring is hangs around the graveyard near her tombstone in Pluckley, UK. But she’s far from the only ghost seen there.

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    St. Luke's Episcopal Church


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    This church in Cleveland, TN is home to the Craigmiles family mausoleum inside the church cemetery. Blood stains the white marble of the tomb due to a number or horrific tragedies that have befallen the family. Every time it is cleaned, they come back.

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