4 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day

posted: 09/28/16
by: Guest Post
Man investigating in tunnel
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Man investigating in tunnel
Unsplash via Pixabay

Since time immemorial, pondering mysteries, exploring the unknown, and peering into the unseen have been ingrained in the human psyche. In recent years, a perfect storm of media visibility, changing attitudes, new techniques and equipment, and renewed interest in our shared historical past have led to an explosion in paranormal investigation, aka ghost hunting.

In recognition of this proliferation of paranormal enthusiasm, National Ghost Hunting Day is now officially registered with the National Calendar Day Registry, to be celebrated on the first Saturday of every October. This celebration of the techniques and culture of ghost hunting will initiate the Halloween season annually in spectacular fashion! If you're wondering if you should join in, keep reading...

1. You can join in on the World's Largest Ghost Hunt at The ScareFest, Lexington, Kentucky's iconic horror/paranormal conference and trade show.

With hundreds participating and thousands watching live and via live streaming, a shotgun start will simultaneously kick-off the search for paranormal evidence at locations across the United States and around the world. These paranormal investigations will be conducted by some of the most respected and dedicated ghost hunting teams in existence.

2. You can say you were part of an epic paranormal experiment.

Coordinated by Paranormal Database and helmed by Brian J. Cano, veteran paranormal investigator, tech expert and co-star of Destination America's Haunted Collector, The Bridge Experiment will look into the effects of collective consciousness. Cano and Paranormal Database will quantify, measure and catalog anomalous phenomena expected to occur during the World's Largest Ghost Hunt.

3. You'll learn some cool ghost hunting techniques from seasoned veterans.

The goal of National Ghost Hunting Day is to raise public awareness of best practices and professionalism in paranormal investigation. If you love watching ghost hunting shows why not try your hand at an investigation under the guidance of local paranormal groups who will be joining this mega event.

4. You can explore a haunted place in your community.

National Ghost Hunting Day will give you an opportunity to explore a haunted property in your backyard safely and under professional guidance.

5. It's for a good cause!

Each participating team will select a local Humane Society or non-profit animal shelter and raise funds by inviting the public to their paranormal investigation with a donation of $10 per attendee.

Event founder Haunted Journeys, along with partners The Scarefest, Destination America, America's Most Haunted, and Paranormal Database look forward to a fantastic day of public education, para-scientific research, fundraising, and above all, fun exploration into the paranormal.

This post was contributed by the team behind National Ghost Hunting Day.

For more information, please contact Haunted Journeys at 352-322-0885, or through the event's website.