5 ‘Paranormal’ Stories from 2016 That Made Us Laugh

posted: 12/14/16
by: Rachel Black

From an alien sighting in a food item to a local government using Bigfoot to get across its message, these stories serve as a reminder that, when confronted with a cryptid, alien or ghost, whether real or not, to always snap a photo and maintain a sense of humor. Herewith, the stories of 2016 that made us chuckle.

1. The Bigfoot sculpture that was mistaken for real.

2. In Oregon Bigfoot is a gentleman and helps citizens cross the street.

3. This cinnamon bun's resemblance to ET is uncanny.

4. The police in a Kansas town set up cameras to track a mountain lion. What they recorded was, well, bizarre.

5. A professional basketball team booked rooms at a haunted hotel in Oklahoma and not everyone was willing to stay there.


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