6 Ghost Videos from 2016 That Had Us Talking

posted: 12/14/16
by: Rachel Black

People often report paranormal activity but without a video or photo it's hard to confirm these reports. Below we've collected some of our favorite pieces of evidence from 2016. While there's always speculation that some of this 'evidence' is faked, it's fun to look at and to speculate as to how you'd react when a spirit comes a knocking.

1. Partying ghosts bring new life to this bar.

2. If you see a ghost in the middle of the road what do you do? Videotape it, of course!

3. Ghosts do tend to like antiques and old things, like castles.

4. Who knew you needed to workout even in the afterlife.

5. A ghost girl walks into a road and is caught on security camera.

6. Another ghost in the road. This time the ghost is walking through cars!


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