7 Creepy Dolls That Freaked Us Out in 2016

posted: 12/12/16
by: Rachel Black

There are cute toys and then there are toys you want nothing to do with. For some reason, dolls often fall into the "keep that thing away from me" category. As proof, here's a roundup of some of the most interesting possessed and, dare we say, humorous *haunted* dolls we covered this year.

1. Her name is Peggy and looking at her could give you a heart attack.

2. If you have a fear of flying then being seated next to this doll would make your worst nightmare even worse!

3. Ledda hails from the Land Down Under and her owner can't seem to get rid of her.

4. Annabelle is world-famous for her attempts at killing people and her connection to Ed and Lorraine Warren.

5. This doll called Robert has exhibited lifelike behavior.

6. Victoria sounds like a lovely name but when a doll is accompanied by a warning sign you know it's trouble.

7. Little Herbie is possessed but apparently he just wants to be somebody's friend.

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