7 Out of This World Festivals That Need to Be on Your Bucket List

posted: 07/25/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

1. UFO Festival Roswell

When: June 29-July 2, 2017
Where: Roswell, New Mexico
Why: Because Roswell, New Mexico is basically the epicenter of extra-terrestrial beliefs in the United States. The four-day festival is a celebration of all manner of extra-terrestrial life, beliefs, and lore. It features guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, a costume contest, parade, a pet costume contest, parade, and family-friendly activities. Any alien enthusiast would be remiss to leave it off the list.

2. McMenamin's UFO Festival

17th Annual McMenamins UFO Fest in McMinnville, OR

When: May 18-21, 2017
Where: McMinnville, OR
Why: The area is near one of the most credible UFO sightings (and photos!) in history. The story is fascinating and the festival has a costume contest, a gift shop, live music, a specialty beer, a pet costume contest and much more.

3. Exeter UFO Festival

When: Sept. 3 - 4, 2016
Where: Exeter, NH
Why: New Hampshire is the site of the alleged alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. The festival is a fundraiser for the town and includes lectures and a "crash site" for kids to explore.

4. Pine Bush UFO Fair Pine Bush UFO Fair

When: Late May 2017
Where: Pine Bush, NY
Why: The "UFO Capital of New York" hosts this annual festival that includes music, games, a special section just for the little ones, and storm troopers just to round out the experience.

5. Burien UFO Festival (Bufo Fest)

When: April 2017
Where: Olde Burien, Washington
Why: The area is right near the infamous site of the Maury Island Incident (a UFO siting over Puget Sound). The event was started by filmmakers so has that extra little something in terms of fun and creativity. It includes a costume contest, music, kid's activities, and a whole garden just for beer. Though it is only one evening, it's worth the trip.

6. Utah UFO Festival

When: June 2017
Where: Three Peaks Recreation Area near Cedar City, Utah
Why: Though this festival is new on the scene, it includes camping and less "campiness." Speakers shared their stories and then allowed the roughly 250 attendees to sleep under the stars and try to spot something unusual in the night sky. According to their website: "Through embracing the folklore and mysteries of the desert southwest we can spread a fun and informative enthusiasm for space, the final frontier."

7. Kecksburg UFO Fest

When: Saturday July 30, 2016
Where: Kecksburg, PA
Why: Kecksburg is famous for the crash of a UFO of some kind that looked like a giant acorn. Now you can visit the site of the crash and also enjoy a parade, races, games, and fireworks. It all sounds very local, very fun, and also very informative.

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