7 Signs You Are Secretly a Witch

posted: 03/10/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Ever since the movie The Craft came out in the 1990's, young girls everywhere have wished for magical powers. If only we were witches we could make people fall in love, change our friends' lives, and generally control the things that seem so out of control around us.

Witches get a bad rap. There is this idea that somehow they are all in league with the devil and full of black magic and hurt for those around them. In fact, being a "witch" has often just been code for being a woman. And "witchcraft" only meant being feminine.

Many define themselves as witches and for them, that means loving nature. It means honoring the harvest and the moon and the tide and all the beauty and abundance that the Earth brings. It does not mean worshipping Satan.

So what signs first point to magical powers?

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