7 Signs Your House Might Be Haunted

posted: 08/17/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
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    This House Looks Haunted

    When you tell people you live in a haunted house, the most frequent response is skepticism. But for those of us who believe or who have had encounters with paranormal creatures, we know sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

    Once you live in a house where things go bump in the night, it is hard to imagine how anyone could not believe. Before we were married, my husband lived in a “haunted” house and we had enough encounters to go from skeptics to believers right quick. Ever had a door pulled out of your hand while you are trying to shut it? I have. Have you ever looked up at your boyfriend’s bedroom to see a strange figure staring down at you when you know no one is home? Happened to me!

    So let’s say you suspect a haunting. Weird things have happened. You can’t explain them. What are the signs? What should you be looking for to assess whether you just have some heating issues or a full blown ghost?

    Here are 7 signs your house might be haunted...

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    Cold spots

    Have you noticed a sudden chill in one part of the house even when you are healthy and the heat is functioning perfectly well? Perhaps it is the middle of the summer and there is still a part of your house that feels like late fall. It could be a haunting. The common theory (though physicists disagree) is that ghosts have to pull energy in order to appear. That process takes the heat from the space.

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    Strange behavior in animals or children

    Animals and small children are closer the spirit world than grown people. Therefore, if you see your cat staring at nothing or your dog barking at the corner, it is easy to wonder if perhaps you are dealing with a ghost. If you suspect one, watch your animals. They will tell you.

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    Sensing you are being watched

    Don’t underestimate the power of your intuition. Do you feel like you are being watched? If so, pay attention. Don’t dismiss it out of hand. We all have the potential for a sixth sense. Maybe yours is trying to send you a message.

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    Unexplained physical manifestations

    I lived in a house where one day the door jam was clean and the next day it has the handprint of a child. It’s entirely possible my husband or I left it. But it gave me pause. As it turns out, it is a strong sign of a haunting.

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    Strange whispers

    Many who have had ghosts report strange music or muffled whispers coming from unoccupied areas of their homes.

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    Doors or windows opening on their own

    We have all seen the horror movies where a door opens on its own. This is actually a sign of a haunting. That strange creaking? It could be the wind. Or it could be something more.

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    Strange things show up in photos

    Have you seen an orb in a photo you took in the house? Many believe these are photos of spirits of the dead. Is it possible that it’s just dust? Sure. Could it also be a sign you photographed your ghost? For sure.

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