7 Stories of Ghost Pets That Came Back to See Their Owners

posted: 02/08/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Losing a pet is one of the saddest experiences a person can have. They are beloved companions and members of our family, but their lives are tragically short and we lose many of them during our lifetime.

So what becomes of their souls?

These eight people claim they know. Our furry friends may not be so far away after all ...

1. The ghost cat from a previous home owner

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"One early morning I wake up and look over, and plain as day there is a black cat on floor just looking at me. I get up and it runs out of the room and I don't find it anywhere. Wife thinks I'm crazy and laughs at how dumb I am. I saw it maybe twice after. Then one night about a week ago I woke up hearing a noise. When my eyes adjust there's the cat on my wife's nightstand licking its paws. I nudge her awake and I whisper "Pssst...look." She looks and says "AHHHH!!" and the thing jumps down and disappears mid jump, before it hits the floor... One incidental note: there was an old woman with 2 cats who died in this house right before we moved in. --throwerawayer22/Reddit

2. The pug that sacrificed his life

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"Twelve years ago, my family had a pug that my brother named Jobu and he was one of the most awesome dogs I've ever had. When Jobu was maybe one and a half or two years old, my dad got a very bad case of influenza and was bedridden for weeks. I would go days without seeing him since he was confined to his room all the time. My parents' culture have this superstition that if a (human) member of the house was ill, an animal will sacrifice itself to save them. Suddenly one day, Jobu stopped being so playful and refused to eat his food. We took him to the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with him, and we found him dead few days later in the back yard. Miraculously, my father's illness seemed to just disappear. My family believes that Jobu sacrificed himself to save my dad. We buried him under a big pepper tree in the back yard. Incidentally, my brother said that before Jobu died he would see an apparition of a white woman standing under that same tree and watching him while he smoked out in the yard at night. After he buried Jobu there, the woman seemed to be chased around the tree and he could hear Jobu's growl. Eventually she stopped appearing. That Jobu, still looking out for our family even after he's gone." --depthakote/Reddit

3. The cat that is protective in life and after death

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"When I was little, we had a cat named Guedo. He was blind and deaf and we loved each other to pieces, in a way that only an old cat and little girl could. He used to sleep on the edge of the bed while I was napping to make sure I wouldn't roll off, and was very protective of me. After he passed, I would still see him in his usual spots. My mom also reported more than once that she saw him sleeping next to me, and when she put her hand on the bed where she had seen him, it was warm." --Anonymous/Reddit

4. The chow that follows the same routine

"We had a full blood Chow named Sheena, she was given to my mother by my father on Mother's Day the year I was born. Well about 10 years ago Sheena got really sick the vets couldn't do anything for her because she was pretty old. The day before we were scheduled to take her in to put her to 'sleep' she didn't wake up. Sadly, Sheena had passed in her sleep. Well, as creepy as this sounds Sheena used to sit next to my mom's couch and would scratch herself. You'd hear the jiggle of this little charm/name tag she had. We still have the couch and if you sit on the right cushion at night you can sometimes hear a "jiggle" of a chain or what sounds like change. This has actually brought my mother to tears before and I've heard her say 'Go to sleep Sheena' and it would stop." --Dontcallmepink/Reddit

5. The cat that wakes its owner

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"When I was a kid, my first pet was a cat with no tail. After he died, I'd sometimes see his silhouette walk across me at night when I'd wake up randomly. I had two other cats, but I knew it was him because this silhouette also had no tail. That, and my other cats would usually be on the floor." --rachaelpwns/Reddit

6. The snoring dog that misses his favorite spot

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"I've actually had many occasions after having put my oldest dog down, we could hear his 'snoring' (He used to snore, go figure) at night time, long after he was gone. He spent so much time in that spot, I guess he had to come back and make sure we were all ok." --Moonblade89/Reddit

7. The dog that wags his bushy black tail

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"I was visiting a friend one day and we were playing MarioKart in his living room while sitting on his dining room chairs directly in front of the TV. Suddenly, in my peripheral vision, I saw a bushy black tail wagging back and forth, but I chose to ignore it for the time being. Later that day, I asked my friend if he had ever had a dog, he said yes and I described what I saw. He told me that his family had had a medium sized furry, black dog that they had to put down because of health problems (debilitating seizures). Then he said until then only his family members had seen her and she had been out down several years before I had ever met my friend." --nothosonomia/Reddit

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