7 Terrifying Female Ghosts Who Haunt With Anger and Tragedy

posted: 01/18/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
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    They say in life that nothing is as terrifying as a woman scorned. But what about in death? Tales of female ghosts are some of the most tragic — and scary — ghost stories out there. Women who have lost children, been betrayed by lovers, been abandoned, or lost their love create enduring stories that leave their mark on people and places. Forever.

    Here are seven of the most terrifying (and often tragic) female ghosts from around the world.

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    Anne Boleyn


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    Anne Boleyn’s sad and awful tale begins shortly after King Henry VIII dumped his first wife and made her his second. She became the Queen of England in 1533, but because she was unable to have a boy child, her husband decided to do away with her. Via beheading. That is some cold stuff. Especially given we now know that biologically, women don’t decide that stuff anyway. Just saying. Her execution via beheading took place at the Tower of London on May 19th, 1536 and her ghost has haunted the space ever since. She is described as a white, female figure, holding her head beside her.

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    This snake woman of Japanese lore is called Nure-onna ("wet woman") and lives in seashores, rivers, and springs. The head is a woman. The body is a snake. She pretends to drown, but any man who tries to save her is pulled down to his own death.

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    Headless Nun

    This ghost lives in Canada's French Fort Cove. Allegedly, she died in the 1700s, when noble French women were sent to Canada to join convents. But someone—deranged fur trapper or a pair of sailors—attacked her and chopped off her head for unknown reasons. Now she wanders the forest, forever seeking it out.

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    A Japanese legend, "the Slit-Mouthed Woman” is such because her jealous husband believed she was cheating and slit her beautiful face. "Who will think you're beautiful now?" he asked. She was devastated and killed herself in her grief.

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    The White Lady


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    She is not a single ghost. There are many “white ladies” roaming around the world. At one point, seeing her meant an omen of death. Other countries have her dying in accidents, committing suicide, or being betrayed by lovers and looking for her lost child.Some have been said to be damned as ghosts because they killed their own child. No matter who she is or where you see her, these white ladies are tragic stories of the choices women had to make or the horrible things that have been done to them over the centuries.

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    Screaming Jenny


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    Jenny was a poor woman in West Virginia who was living in a shack. She was eating near the fire one night when her skirt caught the flames. She ran, running for help, but no one saw her and she didn’t see the train. Though she was killed by the train, her ghost is said to come back each year and run down the tracks, aflame, screaming all the way.

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    Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie


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    A society woman in New Orleans, Madame LaLaurie became infamous for the house of torture she set up for her tragic slaves. So terrible were her crimes that some say she is not allowed to rest peacefully. She died in 1849 in Paris, but many say she’s still in her home in Louisiana, with a sneer and a whip, scaring babies and children.

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