7 Tragic Love Stories That Led to Hauntings

posted: 02/11/17
by: Kelly McClure

The origin of Valentine's Day can be compared to the ubiquitous roses that go hand in hand with the holiday--sweet upon first glance, but thorny and rooted in darkness upon closer inspection. Dating back to the 5th century and named after a religious martyr, the holiday was reclaimed from an ancient Roman fertility celebration called Lupercalia - which took place from February 13th to the 15th. During this celebration the Romans would sacrifice one dog and one goat and then use their hides to whip their women. The holiday remained a little weird until 1913 when Hallmark Cards of Kansas City, Mo. got involved and made it an occasion for cards, candy, and flowers.

We decided to put our own special spin on Valentine's Day by rounding up seven of our favorite hauntings with a romantic twist. Light a candle and read these with someone special.

1. Emily's Bridge

There are a few different versions of the story of Emily's Bridge, located in Stowe, Vermont. The first version is that after a woman named Emily was stood up by the man she was supposed to elope with she hung herself from the rafters. Another telling of the tale is that after being stood up she took off in her family's horse driven carriage, miscalculated a turn, and toppled off the bridge - horses and all - to her death. Many people who visit the bridge have claimed to hear strange noises and some of them go so far as to say they've been physically scratched by Emily's ghost.

2. The Castillo de San Marcos

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This fortress located in St. Augustine, Florida was built in 1695 and is the setting for a tragic love story. Dolores, the wife of the fortress commander, was discovered to have been cheating with her husband's assistant and both her and her lover mysteriously went missing. It wasn't until 50 years later, after the fort was taken over by Americans, that the bodies of the two lovers were found dead inside the wall. Visitors of the fortress now report smelling perfume, seeing floating orbs of light, and feeling cold spots.

3. The Arc de Triomphe

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After a fight with her lover on July 14, 1914 (Bastille Day) a woman named Rose is said to have climbed the 284 stairs of the Arc de Triomphe and thrown herself off. To this day, whenever people are gathered in the area for a special event, people report seeing her ghost repeating the fall that led to her death over and over again.

4. The Ghost of Huntly Castle

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At the time of this Scottish castle being owned by the Lyon family it's said that one of their daughters got caught having an affair with a servant. As punishment she was held prisoner in the castle's tower and, unable to deal with being torn away from her lover, jumped out of the window to her death. People often report seeing her ghost in the form of a woman in white clothing wandering around the castle and the land surrounding it.

5. Longfellow's Wayside Inn

A woman named Jerusha Howe lived and worked in this quaint inn located in Massachusetts. At one point during her time there she fell in love with a British traveler who broke his promise to return to the states and make her his bride. After waiting around for him for 44-years she finally passed away from a broken heart and guests of the inn now claim to be visited by her ghost which is trapped there forever, still waiting. Most activity purportedly happens in rooms 9 and 10 where she lived.

6. The Texas Governor's Mansion

In 1864 a young man shot himself in the Governor's Mansion in Texas after being rejected by the niece of the sitting governor following a marriage proposal. After his death people were so troubled by ghostly banging sounds in the room in which he died that the caretakers of the mansion had it sealed off. The room was re-opened in 1925 and the noises immediately started up again.

7. Casablanca Inn

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Located in St. Augustine, Florida, this luxury resort was much less than peaceful for the widow of one of its innkeepers. After falling in love with a rumrunner who fled the law during prohibition she lived out the rest of her days in morose solitude. People often report seeing her ghost wandering around on the roof of the inn, signaling for her lover to return.

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