8 Back to School Essentials for Kids Who Love Paranormal

posted: 08/24/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

I have loved the paranormal and scary things since before I can even remember. Give me the Cujo lunchbox over the Strawberry Shortcake one any day. With this in mind, it is no surprise that 30 years later, my elementary school age children are the same. They love the supernatural and the scary and the paranormal. So how is a good paranormal loving mom supposed to handle back to school shopping for little ones who'd rather talk ghosts and monsters than Disney and princesses?

Here are eight back-to-school items that embrace their love of the strange and weird:

1. Monster High Lunchbox/Backpack

We have had a lot of success with Monster High. It is trendy, yes, but it also feeds a 9-year-old's obsession with scary things without keeping her up late at night, terrified of the monsters under her bed. This is a safe way to explore the world of sea monsters and ghosts and horror without delving into the more frightening aspects. A certain girl loves them and my gal is one of them.

2. Bigfoot lunch box

For Generation X and Y parents, nothing is more exciting than a sweet, new metal lunch box. This Bigfoot one is super fun and affordable and will offer kids a lot of opportunity for discussion and speculation.

3. Bigfoot Keychain

If you're kid is finally old enough to be home alone after school, why not attach the house key to this fun and affordable keychain. It's a good way for your child to keep track of keys and put their 'Squatch love on display!

4. Loch Ness T-Shirt

So maybe you didn't get to Scotland over summer break, but that's no reason to deny them this fun and silly t-shirt. The idea of a monster that stalks a lake might scare some kids, but not this one. No sir. Makes for a strong start to the year.

5. Scary Backpack

Your older kid might get a kick out of this genuinely creepy (and artistic) backpack replete with glowing hands and the scary concept that something inside your notebook is trying to get out.

6. Fun Socks

So many kids like to wear fun socks and what better socks to give to a kid who loves all things out there than a mismatch of a werewolf and a zombie. The kid will definitely be the coolest in the class sporting these.

7. Creepy Erasers

This might seem a little silly and Halloween-y, but these erasers have ghosts and goblins and good times written all over them. And they also remind kids about all the fall fun they have in store. Which is always helpful when school starts.

8. Cryptozoology roundups

My kids love this book and since most kids have evening reading time for homework, why not get them a book they'll want to pick up for their quota? This one is a lot of fun and mighty informative. Mom and dad may just want to read it, too.

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