A Carolina Woman Believes to Have Caught the Spirit of Her Dead Dog on Video

posted: 09/26/16
by: Kelly McClure

When 40-year-old North Carolina resident Kimberley Pearce was forced to put her elderly and ailing cocker spaniel Sadie to sleep she was beyond grief stricken. During endless crying over the loss of her dog she made a secret wish to herself that the pet would send her some sort of sign from beyond to let her know that everything would be okay.

A week after parting with Sadie Kimberley got a new puppy, Bella, and while watching video she had taken of her enjoying her new home she believes she got the sign she was hoping for. The footage appears to show a faint apparition of a white and caramel dog, just like Sadie, run across the room.

"There was nothing else it could have been," Kimberley said in a quote released to Express. "Before I kind of did and didn't believe in ghosts. Now I really do believe."

"I think her appearing was her telling me, 'It's okay, Momma, I'm here. I'm not mad at you. I will be here waiting for you. Now go play with that little 'un', Kimberley said.

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