A Creepy Antique Doll Is Terrorizing A Town in Scotland

posted: 03/24/17
by: Kelly McClure

In yet another example of why dolls should just not exist, a creepy antique that was donated to a Red Cross charity shop in Scotland is now causing quite a fright among locals. The 60-year old doll was given as a set and came with the instruction that it should not be separated under any condition. Christine Swinney, the manager of the shop, heeded that warning and kept them on display, away from the other items in the store where they'd be safe, until one day she noticed that one was missing.

"A few weeks ago I came in and one was gone," Swinney said in a quote to press. "I asked around if anyone had sold them by mistake but no one knew anything ... We just want the doll brought back, even if someone has taken it and wants to put it in a bag and leave it on our doorstep."

Word of the mysteriously disappearing doll spread throughout the town of Galashiels quickly and some residents are going so far as to implement extra home security procedures in an attempt to keep the roaming doll from making its way inside.

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[via: The Scottish Sun]

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