A Demon Is Always Evil

posted: 08/26/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Mask of a demon
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Mask of a demon
beejees via Pixabay

There is a big difference between a ghost and a demon. Ghosts are the spirits of someone who died. Demons are not. Ghosts can be benevolent. A demon is always evil.

So what is a demon exactly?

Generally speaking, a demon is an evil spirit or devil that can (and will) possess a person by using their body for wicked purposes. Demons are also the primary tormentors for those sent to hell for their sins, according to the bible.

Biblically, they are different than ghosts in that they are fallen angels as opposed to human spirits, thus making them all bad, all the time. According to the bible, the way to rid yourself of a demon is to say the following: "In the name of Jesus, I cast you unclean spirits out of this person."

We've seen it in movies and it happens in real life during exorcisms which, depending on one's beliefs, can work.

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