A Doll Possessed By Demonic Forces Scared Ghost Hunters While Filming in the Black Monk House

posted: 10/31/16
by: Kelly McClure

While paranormal investigators Lee Roberts and Paul Stevenson were testing their equipment during a practice live broadcast, something very alarming happened. In the midst of filming on location at 30 East Drive Pontefract in the UK, which is known stomping grounds for the notorious Black Monk, a doll came to life on its own and was caught on film.

The doll, which is called Victoria, was in a box with a lid in one of the bedrooms when they began their test footage, but after briefly stepping out they returned to find the doll and the box disrupted to such a degree that they began to fear they were not alone in the home.

"The box actually has a warning on it saying that if you wish to look at Victoria you should not take her out of the box and always cover her back up," said Lee Roberts in a quote to press. "I'm sure it's there for effect but it's quite unsettling to read that in the dark as your mind starts playing tricks on you."

Lee went on to say that he believes the Black Monk used to the doll to scare them away so that they wouldn't return for their main broadcast on the night of Halloween.

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[via: The Mirror]