A Family in Chile is Experiencing Lots of Paranormal Activity

posted: 03/01/17
by: Kelly McClure

A few days ago the Chilean police force were called to a home in Puerto Monti, Chile on what they thought was a domestic disturbance call. When they arrived at the home the owners met them outside and appeared frantic. The home itself was in disarray with several broken windows, and a burnt mattress laid out on the front lawn. Police were told that the couple had been experiencing several days of terrifying hauntings that were growing more and more severe and the officers didn't believe them until they saw it with their own eyes.

Second corporal Boris Olavarria Gonzalez inspected the situation and later told reporters that he saw a trowel fall from the attic--although no one was up there to have thrown it--and that while attempting to leave the home a knife was thrown at his back from an unseen force.

"It was super strange," Gonzalez told reporters after his brush with death. "Thankfully, I was wearing my bulletproof vest, so I suffered no serious injuries. This was the kind of thing you only see in horror movies, unexplainable in real life. At first we couldn't believe it either."

That's not the only reported paranormal outbreak in recent months. The home owners have also experienced things randomly bursting into flames in their home. So much so that they are in constant fear for their safety.

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[via: Oddity Central]