A Gift Guide For The Ghosts In Your Life

posted: 12/05/16
by: Kelly McClure
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    Have you ever noticed that shopping for people you're super close to can be harder than shopping for people you barely know? When it comes to picking out holiday gifts for acquaintances you can let your imagination run free and pick out something fun and of the moment. But when you're shopping for a loved one every gift comes with the weight of having to really "mean something." The ghosts in your life fall into a shopping category of their own because their needs are simple. If it makes noise, and scares you somehow, they'll love it. Here are our top picks of 2016 for your own personal bumps in the night.

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    Jingle Bells

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    If it’s one thing ghosts like to do it’s make noise. Often the noises they make are limited to faint taps and bangs throughout the house, which aren’t very pleasant to hear. Why not give them some festive options in the way of bells? Rattle those bells all you want, ghosts. Fa la la.

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    A Bag of Rusty Chains

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    While yes, less pleasant to the ears than bells, chains provide your ghosts with the same resource as described above while allowing you to create your very own Scooby Doo episode within the confines of your home. What’s more cartoonish than a ghost rattling chains?


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    Whether they admit it or not, ghosts enjoy being seen. Without a fresh (hopefully) sheet to wear they’d never catch our eye to their full potential, so why not do them the favor of gifting them with some once a year around the holidays to show you care?

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    Work Boots

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    Ghosts love to stomp around the house, up and down hallways and stairs at all hours of the night. It’s hard to imagine them having easy access to proper stomping shoes so they’d really appreciate a new pair of clompy boots under the tree this year.

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    Tennis Balls

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    Almost every ghost hunting show seems to have a scene where they put a ball on the floor and tempt a ghost to move it. Give them a thrill with a brand new tube of their very own balls to bounce and roll whenever the mood strikes them, which will most likely be at 3AM.

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