A Hamilton Power Plant Might Have a Ghost Problem

posted: 10/05/16
by: Kelly McClure

The Third Street Power Plant in Hamilton, Ohio is making the best out of an otherwise terrifying chain of events. On Thursday, October 6 they'll be the subject of a "paranormal forensics" presentation at the Lane Library (1396 University Blvd.) to spill the beans about supposed hauntings that have taken place on the property. The first presentation will take place at 5:15PM, and the second at 6:45PM.

"For a number of years, staff and contractors have reported unexplained 'visitors' and other strange occurrences at the City of Hamilton Third Street Power Plant," officials said in a news release.

During the event Cincinnati Paraforensics volunteers will discuss their findings from two recent investigations of the plant.

Judging by what we know so far of the paranormal in terms of how ghosts and spirits operate, they often draw energy needed to materialize and/or communicate with the living from energy sources, so it makes sense that a haunting would happen in a power plant. If you attend, make sure to let us know what you learned!

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