A Mysterious Rock Found in the New Mexico Desert May Hold the Key to Alien Life

posted: 04/12/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A rock found in the desert of New Mexico, near the alleged crash in Roswell has many claiming alien origins.

The rocks have strange markings that almost resemble the phases of the moon. Even stranger: These very markings have been found in crop circles as far away as England. The rocks themselves have some strange properties.

If a magnet is held to the north end of the rock, it is said to spin counter-clockwise, with the opposite effect occurring when held at the southern end. Allegedly, X-rays and CT scans have been performed with no evidence of magnets in or near the rocks.

The rock was found by Robert Ridge who was hunting deer in September 2004. Allegedly, it was buried in the desert sand, near Roswell.

Theories abound. Some say it is a map. Some say it is part of the UFO. Some say the aliens came to retrieve the rocks, others say it fell off the ship. Whatever the truth, it's strange and unusual and the rock leaves much to wonder.

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[via: DailyMail]

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