A New Zealand Couple Caught Video Of UFOs Flying Over Their House

posted: 04/10/17
by: Kelly McClure

For the past year Lance and Patricia Rasmussen, residents of Auckland, New Zealand, have noticed unusual orbs of light in the sky above their home. The couple have described the source of the lights to be "shape-shifting spheres" that are roughly three times larger than that of a compact disc and are visually different from anything you'd expect to be in the sky such as an airplane or drone.

"They fly and they change shape and they can stay up for more than two or three hours and can change shape and colors right in front of your eyes," Mr. Rasmussen told Newshub.

A few weeks ago security cameras captured evidence of these orbs and the couple have reported the footage to the Civil Aviation Authority, who are looking further into the matter.

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[via: Daily Mail]

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