A Paranormal Investigator Claims To Have Captured Clear Footage Of A Spectre

posted: 05/15/17
by: Kelly McClure

A paranormal investigator based out of the United States has video footage of what he claims to be the clearest evidence of a ghost ever. Similar claims have been made by investigators across the world many times before, but once the footage is seen, it's hard to dispute that there's something there. Whether that "something" is a ghost or not is left up for debate.

The investigator, who has chosen to remain anonymous, posted the video to his YouTube channel, Fantastic Daily, and claims he lured the ghost to his home using static noise. In the description section of the video he says "You've heard the stories, I found proof. I'm in touch with other paranormal researchers, and together we've been mapping data from black eyed kid encounters. For a long time now I've believed that they must have a language all their own. I was finally able to isolate a low-frequency signal that appeared in the background of tons of my evidence."

What do you make of this? Are the "black eyed kids" real?

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[via: The Sun]

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