A Photo Taken Outside An Old Orphanage Appears to Show An Apparition

posted: 11/10/16
by: Kelly McClure

While Phil Barron was leading a tour of roughly 32 people around the grounds of the now abandoned Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool he had a group photo taken that turned out to be more than a bit unusual. In the middle of the photo, what appears to be a full-bodied apparition of an elderly woman can be seen smiling eerily back at the camera.

"I took the snap and then put my phone away and during the break three hours later I sent it over to the office to be uploaded and thought nothing more of it," Barron said in a quote to local press about the incident. "It was only the following day when I was woken by a flurry of instant messages and saw the number of comments on the post I had a proper look at the photo.There's been no Photoshop work - I just lightened the picture a little as it was quite dark and sent it over."

The orphanage dates back to 1874 and is said to have a dark history of cruel treatment to patients. Could this photo show the troubled spirit of someone who used to live there?

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[via: Daily Mail]