A Rhode Island Dad Caught Video of a Ghost in a Park

posted: 07/25/16
by: Kelly McClure

It wouldn't be a stretch of the truth to say that everyone enjoys a nice trip to the park. Kids. Adults. Lovers. Families. Even ghosts. Rhode Island resident Scott Denton has supposed proof of the latter in the form of a one minute and 20-second video of what appears to be a ghost on a swing while he and his children watch in terror from the safety of their truck.

The video, which Denton posted to social media on June 28, now has well over six million views.

"The kids noticed that the swing was doing its own thing and it wasn't windy out," Denton says in an interview with Inside Edition. "I do believe in ghosts, I choose not to involve myself with ghost activity."

Hopefully this Rhode Island ghost can find someone brave enough to join it on the swings soon.

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