A Statue of Jimi Hendrix in the UK Has Become a Hub of Paranormal Activity

posted: 04/07/17
by: Kelly McClure

Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix performed his last UK show on August 31, 1970 at the Isle of Wight Festival. The performance would end up being an emotionally historic one as he tragically died from a drug overdose the very next month on September 18, 1970. In honor of the musician we lost way too soon a statue depicting him wailing away for all eternity was placed in the Island's Dimbola Museum and Galleries garden in 2006. Recently the otherwise peaceful memorial has been causing a stir on the island as people have been reporting the sounds of Hendrix's music emanating from the statue at all hours of the night.

"Barely a night goes by when we aren't serenaded by the spirit of Jimi and his famed guitar," local resident Joe Heydon said in a quote to the Isle of Wight County Press. "The performance might only last a few minutes, but other nights it goes until dawn. It's not particularly scary, but after a few nights of no sleep it does get frustrating," he added.

Paranormal investigators have flocked to the scene to try and capture the otherworldly (literally) music as undisputed proof, but so far Jimi has eluded their efforts. Amateur investigator Flora Pilo slept in a sleeping bag at the foot of the statue for three nights with no success, but then quickly regretted giving up when she did.

"I eventually gave up and went home for some much needed rest," Pilo said. "My head had barely touched the pillow when I was woken up by the sound of Jimi playing Voodoo Child. It was like he was laughing at me."

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[via: Isle of White County Press]

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