A UK Paranormal Team Caught Video of a Ghost Playing Piano

posted: 01/31/17
by: Kelly McClure

During an investigation of a building in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire known as "The Village," Lee Roberts and his team of paranormal investigators claim to have caught video proof of a haunting.

While searching through the building Roberts set up a video camera to monitor activity near a piano that is known to play music on its own and caught footage they believe to prove that a ghost was operating the instrument. The team suspects that the frequent use of Ouija boards near the piano roused a demon to clink out the musical notes they caught on video.

"I don't personally think the piano is significant in itself or haunted as such," Roberts said in a quote to press. "I just think people have called something to the area, or maybe a spirit is already there and the piano just happens to be there for it to use to communicate."

The piano incident is not the first brush with the paranormal that Roberts and his team have encountered in the building. During a visit in the spring of 2016 they witnessed an unexplainable mist in the building that they attributed to the spirits of seven monks who died in a fire there many years ago.

The team has plans to return to "The Village" in February to attempt to make further contact with the spirits trapped there.

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[via: Mirror]