A UK Woman Started A Podcast To Process Her Own Haunting Experiences

posted: 04/18/17
by: Kelly McClure

Seven years ago Leah Harrison paid a visit to Lincoln Cathedral in the UK and it would end up changing her life forever. While exploring the historic building she snapped a few photos which she didn't get a chance to fully inspect until she was back at home. Scrolling through her shots she spotted what appeared to be the ghost of a young boy in a chimney sweep hat and that of a woman.

"There wasn't anyone around and we were a bit spooked," Leah said to a reporter from the Lincolnite. "I remember giggling and saying 'ooh there might be a ghost in there' ... It wasn't until we got back that we saw it for ourselves."

The experience weighed heavily on Leah's mind for years - seven years to be exact. To fully process what had happened to her all those years ago she made the decision to start her own podcast called Hitchhikers Guide to the 42.

"I had a dream about starting my very own podcast and discovering answers about how the fields of ufology and the paranormal are connected," Leah said to press about the podcast. "The next morning I spoke to my friend. He helped me set up site and a month later I've got ten shows online."

If you've had experiences similar to Leah's, or are interested in hearing more about her story, tune in to her podcast and let us know what you learn.

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[via: The Lincolnite]

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