A Woman in Scotland Took One of the Clearest Photos of a Ghost You’ll Ever See

posted: 08/26/16
by: Kelly McClure

Louise Murphy and her nine-year-old son set out for a day of family time at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland but instead of leaving with artsy postcards and souvenir coffee table books they came home with one of the clearest photos of a ghost you'll ever see.

While taking digital photos in an area of the museum that only she and her son were in, Murphy says she was stunned to look back at one particular photo and see what appeared to be the glowing white outline of a ghost child, waving at the camera.

"In the pictures I took in the same spot before this one, you can see a mist forming at the bottom of the picture and then she appears," she says in an interview with Express. "It was like she was forming in the mist, which makes me think it was maybe paranormal."

A spokesperson for the museum said they're intrigued and are interested in finding out more about any potential hauntings in the museum.

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