Abandoned Japanese Sex Hotel Might Be Haunted, Definitely Creepy

posted: 03/06/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Motel sign
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A themed sex motel in Tokyo was once a place where lovers would rendezvous, but now it stands abandoned and no one will go near it because locals say it is haunted by the ghosts of those sex tourists.

The Fuurin Motel rented rooms by the hour and was largely used for extramarital affairs. Inside, there were 10 themed bedrooms with both a dining room and bathroom. There was a Medieval suite, a Greek room and a traditional Japanese Ryokan.

The hotel closed nearly 20 years ago.

Photographer Bob Thissen, 31, from Herleen, Netherlands, who recently photographed the place said: "There is a myth that Japanese ghosts live in abandoned buildings, I think it may scare people into not entering or vandalizing."

So the building stands as it was two decades ago. The bathtubs are full of brown water and the ceilings are falling down, but the decor, mostly sex-themed, stands. It's easy to see how spirits would linger, especially if pain and betrayal were present. The energy of such trysts lingers. The betrayal sinks into the walls.

Photos from the hotel can be seen on The Daily Mail.

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