An Apparition Isn’t Just a Ghost

posted: 08/07/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Ghost in old house
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Ghost in old house

Ghosts can appear to us in a variety of forms -- a rush of cold air, a sense of being "watched," an orb that appears in our photos -- but when people refer to an "apparition," they mean something a little different.

When a spirit or ghost or demon takes a physical form that can be seen, then it becomes an apparition. In other words, an "apparition" by definition is a visual manifestation. Another difference between a more general "ghost" and an apparition, is that an apparition may appear suddenly. You could be in a room where there is nothing visible and then all of a sudden, an apparition takes shape visually. It does not connote possession or "a feeling" or any sixth sense of the paranormal. An apparition is something that can be seen. It also doesn't necessarily mean malevolence. People see apparitions of a positive religious nature (such as the Virgin Mary) as well.

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