An Emerging Theory Indicates Nazis Had Something to Do With Roswell

posted: 03/07/17
by: Kelly McClure

For the past 70 years people have equated Roswell, New Mexico with a supposed UFO crash that took place there in 1947, but another theory has emerged that introduces a puzzling twist to the tale. A documentary called UFOS in the Third Reich suggests that the Roswell crash had less to do with aliens than it did with the testing of an experimental Nazi aircraft called "The Bell."

This theory is taken even further by Nigel Watson, author of the book UFOs: The Nazi Connection, who states that not only did Nazis have a hand in the crafting of UFOs, but they also built an underground base in Antarctica in which to continue their battles long after World War II had ended. Some theorists even believe that Hitler faked his own death in order to escape to this secret base hidden in the middle of the Earth.

That's a lot to take in.

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[via: Metro]

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