Annabelle Is a Real Doll With a Demon Deep Inside

posted: 09/13/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham


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She looks like an average Raggedy Ann doll, but Annabelle the doll has become world famous, both because of her famous owners (Lorraine and Ed Warren of Amityville and Conjuring fame) as well as her own spooky tale of creep and doom.

Annabelle was a gift to a 28-year-old nursing student back in the 1970's. Her roommate noticed the doll was "strange." Eventually she started moving on her own while the students were away. One day they came home and found her with blood on her hands. After consulting a medium, they were told the spirit of a 7-year-old girl killed on the property was inhabiting the doll. Her name was Annabelle.

After the doll attempted to kill some people in the house, according to them, they called Ed and Lorraine Warren who took possession of the doll. But not before uncovering that the little girl was a story made up by the real demon possessing the doll. A demon looking for a human host. Now the doll lives behind glass in the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut. She has had her own movie and was also featured in other movies as well. But she is best left behind glass as no one can truly say how dangerous she really is.

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