Automatic Writing, Another Way to Contact the Supernatural

posted: 09/02/16
by: Kelly McClure

By now you're probably familiar with the use of Ouija boards as a method of communicating with spirits, but did you know that it's also possible to produce written messages from them using your very own body? The use of automatic writing, a practice that allows a person to write musings from a subconscious, spiritual, or supernatural source, has been documented by paranormal enthusiasts as far back as 1878.

While many people truly believe that zoning out and allowing other forces to take over a writing instrument is a non disputable tool of communicating with the other side, scientists choose to believe that it's a phenomenon better explained by a person's ideomotor reflex, which is more or less a person's reflexive or automatic muscular reaction to something being set in motion.

Those who believe in the paranormal aspects of automatic writing have sometimes reported that it led to an addiction to the practice, and can often times lead to the building in which it's being performed becoming haunted by the very spirits who they're attempting to communicate with.

Here's a video of a young woman attempting the practice of automatic writing.

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