Bigfoot Petition Asked New York State to Put the Creature on ‘Endangered’ List

posted: 12/08/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Sasquatch crossing sign in the Oregon wilderness
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Sasquatch Crossing

Some might think Bigfoot is a creature of the imagination, but for a man in New York, Bigfoot is a rare, unique species that should be protected by the law. So he started a petition.

According to it:

"I believe Bigfoots are as real as panthers, bear, and deer and are deserving of a endangered / protected species status because they are so rare, bi pedal mammal and possibly, part human. By voting, we err to the side of caution. By doing nothing, one may be eventually hunted and killed, before the Governments act"

The petition was delivered to the White House last year and had more than 200 signatures. And though it hasn't happened yet, it's also not the first time such a petition has been circulated.

If Bigfoot is real, then he is truly, truly the rarest of species. So this petition may make more sense than many realize.

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[via: Change.org]