Bigfoot Sighting Had Town in Michigan on High Alert

posted: 08/24/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

If you believe in Bigfoot (and even if you don't), catching a sight of the elusive cryptid would be sure to knock your socks off in both excitement and fear. So when several residents of Rockford, Michigan reportedly saw the legendary man beast, they were understandably anxious to talk about it.

For years people have sought the creature known as the yeti, abominable snowman, bigfoot, and many other names across cultures. Sightings have almost always turned out to be either hoaxes or unproven. Alas, this one was, too. As it turns out, it was all part of a practical joke one man wanted to play on his neighbors.

Bud Graverson created an 8-foot tall sculpture as part of the garden decorations at the Richter Place apartments. He considered the monster part of a prank, but it went farther than he'd even intended.

The neighbors are mostly amused and liken him more to a protective guard than something dangerous. And it's true. Because not many people would be motivated to rob an apartment complex watched over by Bigfoot.

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