Can Ghosts Save This Historic Building?

The Specht Building in Omaha
via Wikimedia Commons

Who you gonna call when you don't want an historic building demolished? In the case of the Christian Specht Building in downtown Omaha, Nebraska it took some ghosts to stall an $11 million development deal. Well, not ghosts exactly, but the investigative team of Rural Investigators of the Paranormal (RIP) led by Lupe Buckingham. Ms. Buckingham was intrigued by a pro-preservation ad she saw in a paper and decided to investigate the building.

According to Julia Russell, a building tenant and the one responsible for the pro-preservation ad, the RIP team's interest is keeping the building in the news and raising local awareness. The Specht Building, built in 1884, is the only cast-iron structure in Nebraska. Upon investigating the building for six hours Buckingham believes that she has evidence of paranormal activity. When she asked the question, "Mr. Specht, are you here with us?" lights on her electromagnetic field detector flickered!

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