Celebrate National Psychic Day!

posted: 08/07/16
by: Kelly McClure
Psychic predicts the future
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Psychic predicts the future

Have you noticed that there's starting to be an "official day" for everything now? There's National Hot Dog Day, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, National Kitten Day, and now (but maybe you already knew this) there's a National Psychic Day. Well, it's not entirely a new thing in this instance. According to Psychics Universe National Psychic Day and National Psychic Week were started as publicity stunts way back in 1965 by Broadway press agent Richard R. Falk. Falk managed a few well known psychics of that era and was infamous for his creative marketing tactics. Either way, make the most of this coming Sunday by honing your budding psychic skills so that the next time someone jokes "what are you, psychic?" You can reply, "well actually, I am!"