CIA Documents Point Towards the Use of Astral Projection to Visit Mars

posted: 03/22/17
by: Kelly McClure
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Earlier this year we covered the news that a selection of previously classified CIA documents had been made available to the public online. Having had a few weeks to sift through the pages, more and more information is coming to light that is of interest to the paranormal community--specifically, info found in a section of documents labeled Star Gate which deal with matters of life/activity on other planets.

A sub-folder within the Star Gate section labeled "Mars Exploration: May 22, 1984" seems to point towards the CIA using astral projection to study life on Mars. It's detailed that subjects were brought in and given a sealed envelope prior to being put into a trance-like state and then interviewed about what they see. After the interview they were allowed to see the contents of the sealed envelope which included prompts or suggestions as to what they were interviewed on and where their minds were remotely sent to explore.

A more detailed explanation of this series of interviews is explained further within the Star Gate documents where it's described as "a program sought to cultivate psychoenergetics--A Mental Process by which an Individual Perceives, Communicates with, and/or Perturbs Characteristics of a Designated Target, Person or Event Remote in Space and/or Time from that Individual."

Joseph McMoneagle, a retired warrant officer, is a documented participant in these Star Gate studies and has been awarded the Legion of Merit for his work with them in mentally identifying a Soviet submarine that was later picked up by satellite imagery and circumvented. He has written two books, The Stargate Chronicles and Mind Trek, that detail his experiences with the CIA and astral projection.

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