Clouds in the Bermuda Triangle May Finally Solve this Enduring Mystery

posted: 11/04/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Map of Bermuda Triangle
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Map of Bermuda Triangle
Bermudan_kolmio via Wikimedia Commons

The Bermuda Triangle has long baffled conspiracy theorists and scientists alike. It's a place in the North Atlantic where planes and ships have gone down and reported strange happenings with their instruments and such for years. Now, meteorologists speaking to the Science Channel's "What on Earth?" series revealed that all the strange happenings may be explained by one thing...clouds.

As it turns out, a series of strange "hexagonal"-shaped clouds that are about 20 and 50 miles wide tend to form over the water known by the "triangle" name. Meteorologist Dr. Randy Cerveny said: "The satellite imagery is really bizarre."

It could also be responsible for a series of storms or "microbursts" that can cause winds of upwards of 170 MPH in certain spots and that would certainly be capable of sinking ships or downing planes.

So is the mystery finally solved? Maybe so. And it sounds a lot more plausible than other theories that have been posited over the years.

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[via: NY Post]