Contractor Says Ted Bundy’s Childhood Home Is Haunted

posted: 05/10/17
by: Kelly McClure

The infamous serial killer Ted Bundy was put to death at Florida State Prison in 1989 after being convicted for the brutal murder of 30 women. Given what we know of his monstrous life it's hard to imagine him ever being an innocent child living with his family in a picturesque home in Tacoma, Washington, but there are pictures to prove it. The home was recently remodeled by its new owner, David Truong, who intends to re-sell it, but some very strange obstacles were put in his way during the process.

The contractor in charge of the renovations, Casey Clopton, claims that he and his staff have encountered such things as the words "help me" written on a window in the basement, doors and cabinets opening on their own, heavy furniture falling for no apparent reason, and the word "leave" written in dust on a bedroom floor ... with no footprints surrounding it. Clopton has become so frightened by these events that he's taken to writing Bible verses on the walls of the home in hope of frightening away whatever malicious spirits are trapped there. He's also called in a pastor to bless the home.

"Everything in that house fought us, and I was kind of weird about it," Clopton said. "But I go to church and I have God with me."

The renovation is now complete and the home is ready for its next owner who, one would hope, will be clued in on its prior occupant(s).

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[via: The News Tribune]

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