Could Mutilated Animals Found Hanging From Louisiana Power Lines Have Something to do With Voodoo?

posted: 10/07/16
by: Kelly McClure

Residents of the 1400 block of St. Ferdinand in New Orleans walked outside their homes a few weeks ago expecting the usual scenic view to greet them, but were instead met with a grizzly scene. Hanging from the power lines crossing their street were the corpses of a raccoon, a bird, and four rats - one of them with bird's wings and claws sewn into it. Various local news sites such as Fox 8 reported the odd discovery on September 29th, but the animals, which some suspect to have something to do with voodoo or occult practices, have been hanging there for at least a month.

"That's some voodoo," Nola resident Jessica Holland screamed observing the animals.

"We don't know if this is a taxidermy project gone wrong or if really, this is a sick individual," Louisiana SPCA Resource Development Coordinator Preston Meche added.

Small animals, especially birds, are often used as animal sacrifices in voodoo ceremonies, but chances are that these instances are merely the work of a prankster with too much time on their hands. The local SPCA is looking into it.

[via Fox 8]

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