Couple Sees Ghost Walking a Dog While They Are Out on a Stroll

posted: 03/28/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

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The question of whether animals have spirits and can become ghosts may have been answered by a couple walking through Whitby Church in Yorkshire England this past week.

Stacey Bresnen and her boyfriend Lee Stammers took a photo of the man sitting with a ghostly dog. According to Bresnen:

"We'd just been for a pint but I wasn't that drunk that I was seeing things. I'm forever taking pictures and usually they're of nothing much but straight away I turned to Lee and said 'look at that man there'. It's quite atmospheric up around the church. It's right beside Whitby Abbey and there's a big graveyard and a big tradition of Goths in the town. We come here quite a bit, with and without the kids, and we love to walk around but I've never been spooked like this."

So what did they see? Seems pretty compelling. And scary, to boot! Check out the photo on Express.

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[via: Express.co.uk]

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