Dead People’s Things Is A Store That Specializes In Treasures From The Deceased

posted: 05/30/17
by: Kelly McClure

The town of Millersville, Tennessee is home to a very unique store that specializes in rare items obtained from scrounging through the houses, barns, and cars of people who have died. The name of the store, Dead People's Things, leaves no doubt in a person's mind that they're offering up more than just your run of the mill estate sale experience. Among some of the more unusual items found in the shop are a selection of haunted dolls (all listed at $13 a piece), taxidermy, vintage toys, and a battered saw with the words "tattoo removal" painted on it.

Shayne Parker and friend/business partner John Baker say that their love of hunting down unusual items is kept in check by the constantly rotating stock of the store. As fast as they can fill it up, the items get purchased, which then allows them to go and continue the hunt ... which is the best part.

"We sell at great prices so we can get money to buy more junk," Parker says in a quote to The Tennessean. "I like to say we are 'temporary hoarders.' We say the business feeds our junk addiction."

Sounds like a trip to Tennessee needs to happen ASAP.

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[via: The Tennessean]

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