Did a UFO Cause A Boeing 737 to Have An Emergency Landing?

posted: 09/12/16
by: Kelly McClure

Southwest Flight 3472 from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida was forced to make an emergency landing a couple weeks ago due to severe damage to one of its engines. After the pilot of the Boeing 737 first spotted signs of fire in the engine he switched course and headed the aircraft towards Pensacola, Florida. And here's where things get mysterious.

According to Michael Boyd, the president of an airline consulting company called Boyd International, it's odd for a major airline to have engine trouble to that degree and not just crash. To further the mystery, several of the passengers on board the flight reported experiencing missing time and holes in their memory of the flight itself, which led some to believe that perhaps the plane had come in contact with a UFO. One passenger took to their personal Twitter to reveal that they had seen strange, moving lights in the sky while looking out the airplane's window, just before the engine fire was detected.

"It's a one-off, almost unheard of," Boyd said to the press following the incident last Saturday. "Southwest has an outstanding safety record because it spends a lot of money on maintenance. It's a mystery, why the engine would be in this condition."

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