Did Aliens Snap Pictures of a Woman on Her Own Phone During An Abduction?

posted: 08/20/16
by: Kelly McClure
Ufo attacking and abducting
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Ufo attacking and abducting

In 2002 the first cell phones with built-in cameras hit the market and now everyone from grade schoolers to grandmas have one. According to a woman in Plymouth, Hancock County, Illinois, even aliens are tech savvy these days. The woman, who has chosen to not release her name to news sources, claims that she was at home one night in her condo, lighting a cigarette on the stove and going over some lottery tickets, when all of a sudden she woke up on the floor of her bathroom, curled up like a baby. As she came to and made her way around the condo trying to regain her composure she noticed several strange things. The cigarette and lottery tickets she had been holding were on the floor in the kitchen where she last remembered being, and after looking through her phone to get a sense of how long she'd been unconscious she noticed forty suspicious photos that she had no recollection of taking herself. She immediately concluded that she had been abducted and that aliens had taken the photos with her phone as cruel evidence of what had taken place.

"When you truly look at the detail you see they are other worldly and cannot be faked," she said to UFO International. Although blurry, the photos do have an eerie quality to them. Take a look at the photos here. What do you think? Did aliens take these?

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