Did Ghost Hunters Catch Footage of a Poltergeist Throwing a Stroller Down Some Stairs?

posted: 10/14/16
by: Kelly McClure

Ghost hunters conducting an overnight investigation at a home in West York in Britain, that's thought to be haunted by the Black Monk of Pontefract, believe they have caught very convincing footage of poltergeist activity.

After being persuaded by the home owners, Steve and Carrie Archibald, to spend a night at the house and see first hand the type of activity that's been known to happen there, they came away with more than they bargained for. Having set up cameras in various areas of the house, one of them captured footage of what seems to be a stroller being pushed down the stairs by unseen forces.

"I came around the corner and saw the buggy on the stairs and couldn't believe it," says Steve, founder of Pitch Black Investigations in a quote to press about the incident. "Then we all re-watched the footage. No one could believe it. I know 100% it couldn't have rolled. It had been there for eight hours. It doesn't budge or move on its own."

Following the terrifying activity several of the ghost hunters fled to a hotel for the remainder of the night. On Halloween 2016 we'll find out if the ghost hunting duo of Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman from Paranormal Lockdown will last longer than one night. They will be the first to attempt a 100 hour confinement in the home!

Source: Be Lifestyle

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