Did the Grand Opening of This Museum Spark Paranormal Activity

posted: 02/10/17
by: Kelly McClure

Ever since the Museum of Shadows opened in Elmwood, Nebraska a few months ago, owners Nate and Kaleigh Raterman have noticed strange things happening. The museum, which offers a selection of over 1,000 haunted artifacts such as antique dolls, masks, and historic medical supplies has experienced a significant shift in energy since it's grand opening in September.

The antique doll, which is named Ayda, is thought to be the most haunted item on display. Originally found in a home purchased by a family the Raterman's did business with, the doll was reportedly thrown in a landfill 20-miles away - only to reappear in the home two years later, with no eyes. Every so often, when the Raterman's open the museum for the day, they'll find the doll in a different spot from where she was placed when they left the previous night.

Other especially haunted items include a horned mask that's known to produce the ghostly sounds of drum beats and chanting, and an oil lamp from Turkey that's said to make a person feel sick if they touch it. The lamp is kept inside a glass container now, for safety.

"It's super active," Mrs. Raterman said in a quote to The Daily Nebraskan. "There's always something different every night. We've never had an evening where nothing has happened."

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[via: The Daily Nebraskan]