Did This Family Capture Video of Bigfoot?

posted: 04/13/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A family trip to Oregon may be the key to unlocking the Bigfoot mystery once and for all. In the clip, an older man is standing next to Wildhorse Lake, but behind him, something else is happening.

In the distance a strange figure can be seen by the side of the water. A boy on camera asks: "Dad, what is that?" Someone says it's a bear. But the dad questioned why it would be on two legs.

The dad asks finally: "What is it?"

Fade to black.

So is this proof ? Maybe. Some say it is. Others claim it isn't or wonder if it is a hoax. The family seems pretty shocked and honest to me. They'd have to be pretty good actors. Call me crazy, but I wonder...

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