Do Animals Have an Afterlife?

posted: 01/25/17
by: Kelly McClure
The ghost of a cat
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Regardless of your own personal spirituality and beliefs, you may have found yourself in a debate or two amongst friends or family regarding the topic of animals, and if they experience an afterlife. When a beloved pet passes away it's often comforting to picture them romping through fields of flowers in some beautiful world beyond our full comprehension, but is that a possibility? Mark Howard, a psychic from Cape Town, South Africa who works as a medium for the Scream Paranormal Investigation team claims to have a definitive answer to that question.

According to Howard, when a sprit passes over after death they're given their own "room" of sorts, which they can make into anything they like, and fill with whatever they like, including their pets who have also passed away.

"You can invite anyone you want into your room at anytime and I can visit loved ones rooms, but you have to be invited in first you cannot just enter," Howard says. "You can be in many rooms at the same time. Because your room is yours, you can also bring in your pets and animals that you have a strong bond with when you were on the earth plane. They are not restricted to your room, but are with you all the time ... So do dogs go to heaven? You betcha they do!"

There's nothing fun or easy about the topic of death, but the idea of being able to look forward to a reunion with all the loved pets of your past helps things a bit.

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[via: Inquisitr]