Does Thinking About Ghosts Draw Them To You?

posted: 03/24/17
by: Kelly McClure
Woman seeing a ghost
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Have you ever heard the expression, "What you focus on expands?" The meaning behind it is that whatever you invest your energy in, either mentally or physically, that's what you'll more or less manifest into your life. If you spend a lot of time thinking about negative things, your life will be filled with negativity. If you spend a lot of time focusing on positive things, your life will be increasingly more positive. And if you think a lot about ghosts, (you can see where this is headed) you just might call one to you.

Paranormal enthusiast Kimberly McGeorge addressed the question of whether or not a fixation on the paranormal can manifest it in your own life and gave this quote on the discussion site, Quora:

"When I was in college, we started meeting a couple times a week to watch evil horror movies. Ummm...yeah. That got REALLY creepy. Some of the people who lived off campus had dead black birds appear on their door step ( more than one) and people started seeing demons/ghost shapes in their house. That is extreme and wasn't done for study BUT there are spirits attached to music and media and they CAN come to us or affect our lives."

A different discussion site called Paranormal Soup produced similar stories. One board member who goes by the name "Ghoul" had this to say:

"From personal experience.... I can definitely say 'Yes'.... I have called certain ghosts/spirits to where I was simply by focusing and thinking about them. But I am also very attuned to spirit energy, so my experiences may not be the same for everyone else."

There is no direct scientific evidence to support these claims other than the previously stated philosophy that what you bring into your life acts as a seed for everything that sprouts around you. So what do you think? Can you bring ghosts into your life just by thinking about them? Depending on your enthusiasm for the paranormal this could be a fun, or utterly terrifying truth.

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